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  • "Kandia" LLC is the official distributor of products manufactured by «THD SpA» (Correggio, Italy)

    THD - it is a high quality of used materials, constant technological and clinical search, development and implementation of innovative devices. Through the efforts of a group of designers, clinicians and researchers, the company «THD SpA» occupies a significant position among the manufacturers of medical equipment for the treatment of colorectal diseases..

    In Ukraine the following product lines:

    Products certified EC and FDA.

    THD Products are registered in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

    Through effective results and the absence of serious side effects (compared to other methods of surgical treatment of hemorrhoids), THD method has been recognized by the National Institute of Health and quality of health care (UK), accredited by international scientific community.

    THD (Transanal haemorrhoid dearterialization)

    THD procedure: an innovative solution for haemorrhoid treatment.

    The main advantages:

    Other names of THD methods – ligation of hemorrhoidal artery, ligation suture, proximal ligation, ligation under the Doppler control.

    THD procedure approved by the National Institute of Health and the quality of care (NICE) and is developed for the treatment of hemorrhoids in gentle way with a focus on the successful long-term results. THD method allows patients to return to normal life after 24-48 hours.

    THD procedure

    THD is performed with local anesthesia (not with general!). During the intervention blood flow to the hemorrhoidal nodes reduces. Removal of the anus tissues, which is the cause of acute pain after normal operation (hemorrhoidectomy), is absent with THD.

    For this operation is using a small device - Doppler sensor, which provides localization of the arteries that feed the hemorrhoidal complexes. At this point are applied stitches (actually occurs artery ligation), blocking blood flow to the nodes. Because of it nodes are reduced in volume to the normal anatomical sizes. So first of all bleeding and pain (spontaneous and during defecation) is eliminated, also discomfort in a sitting position, itching and irritation in the anal area.

    As the THD procedure is carried out insensitive zone, patients do not feel any stitches during or after surgery.

    Clinical centers THD

    In Ukraine the THD procedure is carried out public and private clinics.
    Address of the nearest clinical center THD

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