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  • VIMS presents the most advanced surgical imaging solutions - ENDOVIMS, ARTHROVIMS.

    High quality 4K, 6K, 7K high definition images take visualization to a whole new level.

    visualization systems

    A modern design, compact system and intuitive user interface will provide the surgeon with comfortable work.


    Ultra HD: 3780p (7K standard),

    3240p (6K standard), screen size: 43,

    2160p (4K standard), screen size: 32

    - All-in-One concept

    - LED light source (60,000 hours resource)

    - Contactless interface for managing the functions of the surgeon's endovideo system

    - The ability to organize video conferencing or video broadcasts by providing symmetrical high quality HD video over the Internet

    - Record pictures and videos to a USB storage device

    - Outputs for additional monitors

    Innovative sterile concept

    The use of a sterile EndoVcover case seals the laparoscope (arthroscope), which provides a sterile barrier between the patient and the camera system.

    EndoVcover case


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